Mary Grace Cafe
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Mary Grace restaurant sketch

Welcome to Mary Grace

Home of the Ensaymadas and Cheeserolls you love....
and more!

Discover the Goodness of Home.

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Order from the Bakery

Your Mary Grace favourites - Homemade and Handmade to this day. Now you can order for delivery or pickup!

Celebration Cakes

Mary Grace Celebration Cakes

Celebrate milestones with a bespoke Mary Grace cake!

Choose a classic design with hand-piped dedication, or go for one of our special garden or lace designs.

Step 1

Cake Design

Step 2

Choose Flavor & Size

Step 3



Mary Grace Sharing Platters

Enjoy intimate gatherings with these Sharing Platters - cooked fresh for you just like how we would prepare it in the cafes. Each platter is ready to heat, for 4 to share.

Your usual Mary Grace cafe favourites are also available for delivery on Grabfood, Foodpanda, and Pickaroo.


The Goodness of Home

From the birthday cakes of her children to the ensaymada on your plate, Mary Grace’s story is all about Home.

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Mary Grace Goodness of Home
Flowers and coffee latte background

Homegrown all the way, Mary Grace began from a modest kitchen where a young, entrepreneurial Mom with five children and a supportive husband made and sold her baked goods in her village and in bazaars.

Mary Grace Dimacali continues to be fully hands-on in leading the company. She, in fact, still designs and decorates each and every branch, and makes sure to personally visit every Cafe for taste-testing and inspection.

Truly, the essence of Mary Grace is the “Goodness of Home” where fresh-from-the-oven pastries and hearty meals warm the heart and soul. Every visit to our Café makes you a treasured part of Mary Grace’s own Family and Home.

Mother and daughter baking

A Taste of Home

Where fresh from the oven pastries and good home-cooked meals warm the heart and soul.