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Celebrate with the magic of tradition

The Goodness of Home

Through her cooking, Mary Grace shares her Home and Family with you.

Homegrown all the way, Mary Grace began from a modest kitchen where a young, entrepreneurial Mom with five children and a supportive husband made and sold her baked goods in her village and in bazaars.

Mary Grace Dimacali continues to be fully hands-on in leading the company. She, in fact, still designs and decorates each and every branch, and makes sure to personally visit every Cafe for taste-testing and inspection.

Truly, the essence of Mary Grace is the “Goodness of Home” where fresh-from-the-oven pastries and hearty meals warm the heart and soul. Every visit to our Café makes you a treasured part of Mary Grace’s own Family and Home.

From the birthday cakes of her children to the ensaymada on your plate—the Mary Grace story is all about home.

A Taste of Home

Where fresh from the oven pastries and good home-cooked meals warm the heart and soul.

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