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Mary Grace Introduction

The Beginning

As a child, I was always thrilled to watch dough expand
with a life of its own, a fascination which I carried on to motherhood.

Kids blowing a birthday cake


On the mornings of my children’s birthdays I would delight them with personally decorated cakes.

Mary Grace learning baking in the US


Stemming from the pleasure of seeing my friends enjoying my fruitcakes and following my heart’s desire to spread joy through my creations,

I took a 12 month course on baking in the US to further enhance my budding talent. I came home to harness all I had learned to perfect my own formula for a local delicacy, an Ensaymada with just the right texture and flavor. After bouts of tears and frustration, countless family taste tests over Sunday lunches, and the seal of approval from them, most especially my parents, I knew I hit Eureka!

Mary Grace with husband and children


With 5 children in tow and a supportive husband, I joined my first bazaar where I offered my Ensaymadas and Cheese Rolls!

First kiosk of Mary Grace


After several Christmas seasons and with the hope that family and friends can bring home a little bit of Christmas all year round, I opened my first little store.

Mary Grace baking with her daughter


Four years and eleven kiosks later,
I opened my first cafe!

A home away from home, where family and friends share stories over hearty meals capped off by a wonderful combination of Mary Grace Hot Chocolate and my signature Ensaymada and Cheese Rolls!

First kiosk of Mary Grace


To this day, my fascination with dough lives in my heart, alongside whipping up new recipes for all to enjoy during joyous family Sunday lunches – the source and inspiration of Mary Grace.